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The PlateRite 6600 series is a logical expansion of Screen’s PlateRite devices. The PlateRite 6600 provides increased flexibility in plate format support. Capable of imaging intermediate plates, from 12.8″ x 14.6″ to 38.6″ x 27″ (with a smaller plate size of 12″ x 14.6″ available as an upgradeable option), it accommodates a new generation of 6-page web and sheetfed presses.



Advanced External Drum Design

The PlateRite series features an external drum design. An automated lightweight clamping and vacuum system secures plates to the drum for high-speed rotation. The drum spins at high speeds with multichannel infrared laser diode imaging heads positioned close to the surface of the plate.

Broad Plate Support

Screen works closely with manufacturers to certify different types of plate media, ensuring the widest selection of supported plates for the PlateRite series. These include non-prebake thermal plates, prebake and post bake positive and negative plates, and the latest processless plates.

Chemistry-Free Technology

As the name suggests, chemistry-free processing saves the costs of both chemicals and processors. This method also provides a more stable production process and an environmentally safer workplace.

Perfect Upgrade Environment

The Plate Rite’s output capacity can be upgraded at the user facility to meet your expanding production requirements. Using the same base engine, you can upgrade from an entry-level manual machine to a high-productivity, fully automated model by simply replacing certain key parts in the field.

Intelligent Auto-Balance System

Thanks to Screen’s auto-balance system, no manual adjustments are required for drum balance when switching to different sized plates. The plate size is selected from the display menu, and the auto-balance system automatically optimizes the balance of the recording drum.

Automatic Inline Punching

The automatic inline punching system performs punching for the platesetter and press registration at the same time, immediately before mounting the plate on the drum. In addition to the time savings from unattended operation, punching inline improves register on press and reduces make-ready times. By adding optional press punch blocks, imaged plates can be loaded straight onto the press, eliminating further manual steps and dramatically increasing make-ready efficiency.



  • Model type: S
  • Imaging method: External drum
  • Light source: 64LD
  • Media type: Thermal aluminum plate
  • Resolution (dpi): 1,200 / 2,400 / 2,438 / 2,540
  • Plate size maximum mm: 980 x 685 mm
  • Plate size maximum inch: 38.5″ x 26.9″
  • Plate size minimum mm: 304 x 370 mm
  • Plate size minimum inch: 12″ x 14.6″
  • Troughput (pph): 30
  • Manual load: Yes, continues load
  • Single cassette loader: SA-L6600
  • Capacity: 100 plates
  • Interleaf removal: Yes
  • Multi cassette loader: MA-L6600
  • Capacity: 3 x 100 plates
  • Interleaf removal: Yes
  • Inline punching: Up to 4 punches
  • Inline to processor: Built-in bridge

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