RYOBI Presstek 3404XDI KPG 5634 4-Color DI Press

Year of Manufacture: 2005
Colors: 4

Gaining entry into the 4-color digital offset printing market is easier than you might think. Join the thousands of Presstek DI owners who know the high value a DI press brings the bottom line of a print business. Not only is the print quality outstanding and the press simple to operate and maintain, it has a low cost of ownership. Talk to our representatives about an ROI analysis specific to your business.

Our 34DI 4-color digital offset press is an extremely compact, efficient, high resolution printing system offering a low cost per page for your short-run printing needs. Owning a DI means you don’t need to produce metal plates and you don’t need to invest in a CTP system.

Compact V-Shaped Design

Presstek’s DI imaging technology, combined with a central impression cylinder and single gripper system result in precise registration every time.

Waterless Printing

The Presstek DI’s waterless printing design results in less waste, a wider color gamut, less dot gain, and enables you to get up to color fast so you don’t have to waste time with unnecessary adjustments. You’re saving time and resources without any compromises.

On Press Chemistry-Free Imaging and Automation

Presstek’s patented thermal laser imaging technology means you don’t have to worry about costly click charges or hazardous plate processing chemistry.  With a Presstek 34DI, 4 spools of media are inserted into the press, then automatically tensioned, imaged, cleaned and advanced so you don’t have to swap out media for 28 jobs!

Efficient Digital Workflow

The Presstek DI digital offset printing press integrates seamlessly into Macintosh and Windows workflows. Files are RIP’ed directly to the press; text, images and imposition can be checked on the DI’s on-press monitor or by using a hardcopy proofing solution.


  • Maximum Print Speed – 7,000 sheets per hour
  • Sheet Thickness – .0024” – 0.02” (0.06 – 0.5mm)
  • Maximum Sheet Size 13.39” x18.11” (340 x 460 mm)
  • Minimum Sheet Size 3.54” x 3.94” (90 x 100 mm)
  • Image Resolution 2540 dots/in (100 dots/mm)
  • Imaging Time 4.5 minutes (X model)
  • Automated Changeover 10 minutes (X model)
  • Ink Zones & Ink Rollers Per Unit  11 ink zones / 15 ink rollers
  • Form Rollers Per Unit 4
  • Feeder Universal
  • Feeder & Delivery Pile Capacity 15.75” (400mm)


  • Space-saving 4-color press requires just 3.8 m2 of installation space
  • The satellite-type cylinder arrangement consists of a double-diameter impression cylinder and double-diameter and triple-diameter transfer cylinders
  • Equipped with the SPC semiautomatic plate changer for fast, accurate plate changing (standard equipment)
  • SuperDampener continuous dampening system maintains an ideal aqua film of dampening solution on the plate surface right from startup

PCS-F printing control system includes an operation stand for remote adjustment of the ink fountain keys

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