RYOBI 765E 5-Color 765 x 600 mm (30.12″ x 23.62″) Like New 20m Imp.

Single owner press, sold new into a local in-plant in 2015, serviced under maintenance agreement with PFS since new, less than 20m impressions.

Standard equipment (included)

  1. Rotary type stream feeder
  2. Pre-pile device
  3. Suction tape feeder board
  4. Tape slow-down mechanism
  5. Pull side guide preset system
  6. Side lay sensor
  7. Front lay suction wheel
  8. Double sheet detector (mechanical)
  9. Ultrasonic type double sheet detector
  10. Front lay blower
  11. Slewed paper detector
  12. Paper transfer jam defector
  13. Plate register remote control device
  14. RYOBI semiautomatic plate changer
  15. Automatic blanket cleaning device
  16. RYOBI PCS-K printing control system (includes network set for Ink Volume Setter)
  17. RYOBI Program Inking
  18. Powder spray device
  19. Decurling device
  20. Delivery suction wheel
  21. Delivery jam detector
  22. Preset repeat counter with batch function (electronic, 5-digit)
  23. Print counter (total number of printed sheets, non-resettable)
  24. Machine counter (total number of machine rotations, non-resettable)
  25. OK monitor
  26. Static eliminator (delivery section)
  27. Dampening solution cooling / circulation device
  28. Various safety devices (certified under global safety standards)

Optional equipment (Included)

  1. Automatic ink roller cleaning device
  2. Paper size preset
  3. Impression pressure preset (includes program-controlled impression cylinder cleaning


  1. RYOBI-matic-D continuous dampening system (Delta Type) with hickey removing


  1. De-curing device
  2. Nonstop delivery
  3. Oscillating Bridge rollers
  4. Oscillating Form roller x4
  5. RYOBI PDS-E SpetroJet (Spectrophotometer) Printing Density Control System
  6. Ink Volume Setter IVS-CIP4 (PPF)

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The 760 models boast excellent cost performance to meet printing market needs for lower costs. The maximum printing area is large enough to easily handle 8-up printing of B5 size, and integration of the operation stand into the press reduces installation space.

  • Double-diameter impression cylinder and double-diameter transfer cylinder ensure stable sheet transport even when printing on heavy stock
  • Excellent cost performance, with many of the same features as the 790 models
  • Easily handles 8-up printing of B5 size
  • PCS-K printing control system is built right into the press for a compact footprint


Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
This data was obtained under RMGT’s standard test conditions. Results will vary according to the operating conditions.
ModelST (straight press)PF (convertible perfector)
Max. printing speed13,000 S.P.H.
Max. sheet size600 x 765 mm
Min. sheet size200 x 279 mmStraight printing: 200 x 279 mm
Perfecting: 295 x 325 mm
Max. printing area760ST-S(PF-S): 545 x 765 mm
760ST-XL(PF-XL): 580 x 765 mm
Paper thickness0.04 – 0.6 mmStraight printing: 0.04 – 0.6 mm
Perfecting: 0.04 – 0.4 mm
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