The versatility to meet a wide range of printing needs, simple and easy to use — the RMGT 3 series!

A compact, space-saving design, the impressively user-friendly RMGT 3 series of A3-size portrait format presses are ideal for printing shortrun jobs such as postcards, envelopes, and fliers.  Featuring excellent versatility in a lineup ranging from simple, compact single-color models to 4-color models, plus smooth integration with various CTP systems, the RMGT 3 presses deliver greater labor-saving and higher productivity.

The 340CR’s continuous dampening and highcapacity inking system gives it the ability to produce bright colors, excellent solids, sharp, open halftones and fine line art.

Built-in features ensure excellent register for maximum productivity. From the time the sheet leaves the pre-loadable paper feed table, until it is delivered into the receding chain pile delivery system, it’s under total control. An interchangeable

left-to-right push side guide makes it well suited for work-and-turn applications.

While printing, vertical image adjustment is done with the turn of a dial – and it’s not necessary to clean the blanket afterwards. Also, diagonal micro adjustments to the sheet can be made while the press runs.

A straight-edge plate clamp with positioning pins fixes the plate securely in place, for the long run. Double-sprung grippers maintain constant pressure to hold the paper firmly during high speed operation.

The one-touch universal feeder provides dependable paper feed. Double-sheets are automatically detected and ejected without interrupting the printing process.

Designed for easy operation, a single lever controls dampening, inking, paper feeding and printing. Push-buttons activate low speed inching and stop the plate cylinder at predetermined positions to allow fast plate mounting/removal and blanket cleaning.

Literature (PDF from RYOBI MHI & PFS) –


  • Satellite-type cylinder arrangement employed, consisting of a double-diameter impression cylinder and double-diameter and triple-diameter transfer cylinders
  • SPC semiautomatic plate changer provides fast, accurate plate changing (340HA-2 only)
  • Paper feed cylinder diagonal image adjustment and dial-controlled image position adjustment


  • Number of printing units: 1 + 1 optional second print unit
  • Dampening system SuperDampener continuous dampening system
  • sheet size 450 x 340 mm (17.72˝ x 13.39˝)
  • sheet size 100 x 90 mm (3.94˝ x 3.54˝)
  • Paper thickness 0.04 –0.3 mm (0.0016˝–0.012˝)
  • printing area 438 x 330 mm (17.24˝ x 12.99˝)
  • Printing speed: 3,000 – 10,000 S.P.H.
  • Plate size: 485 x 335 ±1 mm (19.09˝ x 13.19˝ ±0.04˝) metal plate: thickness=0.15 mm (0.006˝) polyester plate: thickness=0.2 mm (0.0079˝)
  • Plate clamp system: Straight-edge plate clamp with positioning pins (with diagonal image adjustment knob)
  • Blanket type: Blanket with aluminum bar
  • Feeding system: Universal feeder
  • Feeder pile system: Pre-pile
  • Feeder pile capacity: 440 mm (17.32˝)
  • Delivery pile capacity: 440 mm (17.32˝)
  • Number of rollers Ink rollers: 16 (form rollers: 3)
  • Water rollers: 6 (form roller: 1)
  • Non printing area: 8 mm (0.31˝)
  • Vertical image adjustment: ±20 mm (0.79˝)
  • Lateral image adjustment: ±2 mm (0.079˝)
  • Oiling system: Centralized oiling system
  • Electrical: Single-phase, 208V, 60Hz,24A (for USA only)
  • Power consumption: Three-phase 5kW/Single-phase 4kW
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 3,750 x 1,040 x 1,595 mm (12´4˝ x 3´5˝ x 5´3˝)
  • Net weight: 3,050 kg (6,724 lbs.)


  • DAMPENING SYSTEM Continuous dampener
  • MAXIMUM IMAGE AREA 13˝ x 17.24˝ (330 x 438 mm)
  • PLATE SIZE 13.19˝ x 19.09˝ (335 x 485 mm)
  • PLATE WIDTH Maximum: 13.86˝ (352 mm)
  • ROLLERS Ink: 10 (2 forms); Dampener: 4 (1 form)
  • VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT ± 3.94˝ (± 100 mm) Can be rotated 360°
  • IMAGE ADJUSTMENT Lateral: ± 0.079˝ (± 2 mm) (On-the-fly)
  • Vertical: ± 0.039˝ (± 1 mm)

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