The BDF a self-contained, fully-automated finishing system capable of true finishing on demand. Stitch, fold and trim with flexibility of right, center or left registration and adaptable feeding and delivery heights. This unique flexibility allows you to dock the BDF to BST collating systems.

The Bourg Document Finisher is fully automated and requires absolutely no tools to change from one sheet size to another or from one application to another. The BDF also has complete-path jam detection for full reporting of document status and system control. It also utilizes electronic stitching heads.

The Bourg Document Finisher is a unichassis system in which stitching, folding and trimming operations are completed in a single enclosed unit. The stitcher utilizes patented self-threading stitching wire cassette for easy loading. This cassette will allow you to produce over 50,000 stitches, and it automatically adjusts for various book thicknesses. It will also let you know when it’s almost empty or if it happens to miss a stitch. The folder utilizes a dual set of fold rollers, producing square, sharp, accurate folds. Sizing is automatic. The trimmer utilizes a unique two-blade self-sharpening system that notifies you when stock trimmings are full and must be removed.

This technology was not only designed to interface with the Bourg suction tower collator, but is also designed to interface with laser copiers and premier, high-speed digital printing systems.

Bourg BST-10 air-feed collator

C.P. Bourg has the most flexible and proven accessories in its class. With an impeccable reputation for design simplicity and ease of use, Bourg has been producing finishing accessories since 1960. C.P. Bourg manufactures four classes of accessories to accommodate collators, high-speed printers, and off-line applications.

The Bourg BST Suction Tower

SUCTION For paper pick-up and feeding …eliminates tracking

PRODUCTION Up to 9000 sets per hour …10 stations per tower

ELECTRONICS Improve productivity with unique bin programming

ECONOMICS Process the same volume of jobs with up to 33% less cost

DURABILITY Heavy-duty construction …it’s the “Workhorse of Verticals”


Program Features

  • High flexibility paper feeding device.
  • Load cover sheet while run (double cover function).
  • Load while run (copy function).
  • Insert sheet between certain number of sets (insert function).
  • Make a collating jobs with a sequence of programs to allow complex set structure.
  • High productivity mode for multi-tower configuration


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